On-Wrist Charging

The Wearbuds Pro one of a kind designs combines TWS earbuds and a fitness wearable for go-anywhere premium audio, on-wrist charging and modern style. Eliminates the need for carrying an additional charging case while adding powerful features for fitness tracking and phone notifications.

Advanced Design with Tactile Appeal

The 1st generation Wearbuds revolutionized mobile audio by combining TWS sound and a fitness strap that charged up the earbuds and kept them conveniently on the wrist with a patent design. Unique and fashionable, and we’re the FIRST one to do it! Say goodbye to those earbuds with useless and cumbersome design. What else? Bands performance boost, more smoothly and humanity in app use… A real game changer? No doubt. Wearbuds Pro satisfies all your needs!

Ultra-Versatility with Innovative & Simple Use

Freely play or pause music, innovatively pick up your phonecall all on your wrist with just a simple tap and done. See, Wearbuds Pro just makes everything super easy and intuitive! All real-time phone notifications just right on your wrist now. 

We’ve done this before and will do better